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Mooty's rebrands; Back to market with roasted chickpeas and Fava beans

Tim Rutherford

   In February, I told you the story of Nas Mouti and his new, all-natural snack product, Mooty’s Tomato Chips. The Asheville entrepreneur was heading down a path to become the city’s Snack King. After all, what can fuel vegan-friendly AVL like delicious, flavored slices of locally grown Roma tomatoes?

   Nas suddenly realized that he was asking the Veg Crowd to dig too deep into their wallets – and when they did, not enough of the sales price came back to him as a living wage. That, and frankly, production of the chips was very labor intensive and time sensitive.

   Nas went back to the snack drawing board.

   Sunday, I met him again at Vegan Fest. He’s rebranded – simply Mooty’s Healthy Snacks – has killed off the tomatoes and now produces hearty bags of seasoned and roasted chickpeas and Fava beans.

   I believe he’s got it!

   I sampled Smoky Paprika Chickpeas and Lemon Ginger Fava Beans. Each has a happy crunch – just like our not-so-good-us snacks, plenty of great flavor and there’s nothing bad for you. Nas is careful to select non-GMO ingredients that are processed with no added sugar, no gluten, no food additives that read more like the alphabet than a delicious snack.

   The snacks munched perfectly with a Highland Brewing Co. Pilsner. I’m confident Mooty’s Healthy Snacks can find a place in your cupboard – and how ‘bout some of you barkeeps putting out for bar snacks?

   It’s time to show Nas some love – and officially crown him as Asheville’s Snack King. He’s scored a winner with this new line of healthy snacks.

   Find Mooty’s Healthy Snacks in your Twitter timeline and Facebook newsfeed.