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Review: Big tomato flavor packed into every style of Mooty's Tomato Chips

Tim Rutherford

   There is no denying the allure of Asheville’s food culture. From beer and barbecue to baked goods and vegetarian friendly eateries, the city has a reputation for good eats.

   Joining that culture is the new West Asheville start-up -- Mooty’s Tomato Chips. Nas Mouti founded the snack chip company -- the products are a far cry from the usual corn or potato chips that tempt “you can’t eat just one.”

   Too bad that slogan is taken. At first, a taste of a Mooty’s Tomato Chip is surprising. The dehydrated chips, made from slices of locally sourced Roma tomatoes, actually taste like tomatoes. The light as air, crispy chip explodes with the bright, juicy flavor and acid of a well grown tomato. Why? There is a lot packed into a pack of the dried tomato chips. According to Nas, it takes 1 pound of tomatoes to make the barely 3/4-ounce pack of chips. The result is the fresh flavor -- and a bit of chewy beefiness that's so inherent in a ripe, fresh tomato.

   The chips are available in four flavors: Naked, Olive Oil & Herbs, Green Tomato Hot Salsa, and Parmigiano. Each .7 oz. package hold two servings, each dished up at about 30 calories. Nas says ingredients are natural, and all ingredients at non-GMO, sulfite and gluten-free and there is no sugar added during manufacturing. The chips are available at French Broad Co-op and sell for $6.99. As production increases, anticipate a price drop. For now, this is a very hands-on, labor intensive process. In fact, you can get a peek at how Mooty's Tomato Chips are made in this video.

   Beyond a healthy snack alternative, the chips made an excellent garnish for Bloody Mary’s, delivered great flavor and crunch when topping a salad and have enough character to add another flavor element to burger dressings. The light weight packaging and bold flavor make Mooty’s Tomato Chips a great backpacking or camping snack.

   You can learn more about Mooty’s Tomato Chips by following along on the company Facebook and Twitter accounts. Those sites will also announce the opening of Mooty's Tomato Chips online store -- coming soon.