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Review: Not Your Father's Root Beer by Small Town Brewery

Tim Rutherford

   Veer west off of Interstate 94 heading north from Chicago and you'll find tiny Wauconda, Ill., population 13,823. One of those people is Tim Kovac, who has launched this brewery with initial products that, quite frankly, will knock your socks off. While other guys duke it out for a market-making IPA, Kovac focuses on specialty beers that are earning well-deserved consumer loyalty.


   Kovac's overwhelming success story has been Not Your Father's Root Beer, a root beer-flavored ale. Six-packs are flying off of shelves and rarely does a week pass that someone doesn't ask me about the brew.

   Hardcore beer geeks are ambivalent. "It's too sweet," one told me. "Another said, "It's not much like beer."

   Bravo guys! It is, in fact, a "root beer-flavored ale." That means, guess what, it tastes exactly like root beer: Sweet, spicy -- and delicious. It hit my palate silky and smooth, decidedly sweet and spot on to its claim of being "root beer-flavored."

   I have only found the lower ABV version around southeast Georgia, but there is a 10.7 ABV version in different parts of the country. I feel this is a great party beverage -- especially when entertaining guests who aren't into resiny IPAs or craft beers sporting macho IBUs. Taste like root beer -- but with alcohol. Not Your Father's Root's a keeper.

Not Your Father's Root Beer year-round 12 oz. bottle, 5.9% ABV
Not Your Father's Root Beer Special Edition, 22 oz. bomber, 10.7% ABV
Visit the brewery online.